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The power of retro

Retro style and vintage design have conquered the world. The search for timeless quality and class seems more profound than ever - a perfectly defined scene for a retro lighting edition.


Scattered across a world that runs towards a digital future are connections to the past. Nostalgic acknowledgments indispensable to days that have passed. They are impossible to ignore. In fact, in an ironic twist of our times, the old, the retro, the vintage have become the novelty, the new, the outstanding.


Imagine being in a bar that has a jukebox. And we are not talking about a falsely vintage box that includes digitally stored music: we are talking about a mechanical jukebox with moving parts. The type of jukebox in which every careful selection of music is preceded by the sound of a coin. Think of the sensations of awe that are generated as your record is selected and played. It is not exactly nostalgia - some admirers have failed the decade of rock'n'roll in more than a century - it is more than that.


As a society, we are obsessed with the cultural artifacts of our own past. Smeg refrigerators, pin-up fashion, ribbon chambers, Vespa scooters, Casio watches, dial phones - the list goes on. The retro style is so fashionable that even modern and digital innovations try to obtain a vintage design. The photos taken by our advanced smartphone cameras adorn Instagram and Pinterest, and are still filtered to resemble relics of yesteryear. The world of lamps and lamps is no different. Here too, the retro renaissance brought a desire to people to be able to have old-fashioned memories of their modern lifestyles. But why?

Because in the end we are all romantics. And as such we look at our past with a certain brilliance. These were simpler times, life was slower and products were built to last. The vintage traces that we embrace today have truly stood the test of time. They support and calm us in an era of sensory overload. They stand out in the sea of ​​modern meaningless imitations that we see every day. They are truly timeless in form and function; and it is this timelessness that we seek so much in our fast-paced lives.