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Vintage decor: learn all about this style

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“Vintage”, if you are interested in the world of architecture and interior design , it is very likely that you have heard or read that word somewhere. Of English origin, it is used to define something that is old , of good quality and that is brought back to the surface today. Most pieces linked to the vintage style have their origins from the 1920s to the 1960s.

The truth is that almost everyone has that furniture, inherited from a grandfather or great-grandfather, of excellent quality, but he is terrified of incorporating it into the decoration, isn't it? Because with the vintage style it is possible to play with these elements, to guarantee a certain air of nostalgia without leaving the environment dated. And the advantage is that it is always a trend for decoration.


First, the origin of the Vintage style

For many years, the word vintage was totally related to the world of oenology. That's right, the term was used to indicate the best grape harvests and, consequently, the best wines from that harvest. Over time, the word has been absorbed by the universe of design architecture decoration and even the world of fashion .

Vintage came to mean the rescue of pieces, styles and aesthetic characteristics of certain times. Inspirations in   tiles from other decades, upholstery characteristic of a certain period, shapes and a specific color palette make vintage an option of personality and, at the same time, a lot of delicacy for your home.

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How to decorate using vintage style

Contrary to what many people think, vintage and retro are a little different. For the former refers to the use of old pieces, the latter means the use of elements that allude to a certain period. Of course, there are no rules or restrictions when creating the environment for your home, but it is important to know this difference.

Decorating using the vintage style requires a certain amount of time, research and a real panning. An interesting way to start is by doing that familiar search, discovering furniture and pieces that are left out and that can take on new life in a vintage decor. This characteristic is closely related to the Parisian style of decoration.


In addition, do not exempt visits to antiques and antique fairs, it is possible to find real rarities for your home. An important detail for not feeling lost or creating a harmonic decoration is to focus on a more specific decade or period. Years 20, 30, 40, 50 until 70, see which one best suits your style.

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Vintage environments

Choosing a decade may not be easy. After all, there are so many options that we can feel a little lost. So, here are some possibilities for using vintage style in your home:

Room: vintage can be the perfect style to make the room more cozy. The 1920s are a good inspiration with the use of lamps with curved shapes, organic fabrics, a soft color palette, mirrors with worked frames and wood-look coverings , are ideal to accompany the indirect lighting of this environment.

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Cuisine: the 50s, mainly from the famous North American restaurants, are the right choice to make your kitchen look vintage. Refrigerator  and  colored coatings in small formats, 20X20, help to give this touch. Want a different idea? Then follow the Parisian style of decoration, as it already has that vintage perfume.

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Bathroom: the bathroom cannot be left out of this idea. Here, the use of tiles on the floor is worth creating the retro atmosphere. Victorian pieces, with curved feet and organic lines help to make the atmosphere even more nostalgic. Oh, and don't forget a beautiful flower arrangement.

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Vintage and modern: a possible combination

If you think that vintage does not match modern elements, we can say that you are completely wrong. Quite the contrary, the most interesting thing about this style is being able to play with the elements and combine them with contemporary items. As an example, you can have a modern room , with large format coverings, and a beautiful vintage sofa. In the bedroom, the vintage dressers give charm to the contemporary ambience and that Victorian closet gains an even more special look with the modern pieces of the bathroom.

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