Set of 5 Vintage Dollhouse Miniature Bathroom Set 1:12

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Dollhouse Bathroom Set- 1:12 Scaled Ceramic Bathroom Set with Dollhouse Toilet, Dollhouse Mirror, and Dollhouse Bathtub



  • DOLLHOUSE BATHROOM SET- This 1:12 Scale dollhouse bathroom set comes with a dollhouse toilet, dollhouse bathtub, dollhouse mirror, dollhouse sink, and a dollhouse toilet brush; This porcelain and ceramic bathroom set is perfect for your dollhouse bathroom
  • 1:12 SCALE DOLLHOUSE ACCESSORIES- Precisely scaled for your 1:12 dollhouse; While the living room and bedrooms may get the most attention, a unique and gorgeous bathrooms is the type of accessory that will make your dollhouse one of a kind, and the envy of the neighborhood
  • QUALITY CERAMIC- This ceramic toilet and tub are true to form with a raisable toilet lid, and a plug that goes into the tub; It looks like a truly functional dollhouse restroom, and you may have to avert your eyes when your dolls enter, since privacy will be necessary
  • MOVABLE PIECES- One of the things that makes this dollhouse bathroom unique is the functionality; The toilet seat opens and closes with its authentic wooden seat; The standalone bathtub has a drain stop made of bright brass that actually plugs into the drain; And the mirror can be used to actually examine your own vanity, which makes it perfect for your dolls



Your dollhouse’s realism is what makes it truly shine. This means every detail has to be perfect, and the small mundanities of day to day life are what really allow your house to spark with a vivid lifelikeness.

While many collectors and enthusiasts focus on the living room, the garden, or the master bedroom, it is the accessorization and detail in the margins that inspires greatness.

In this case, this Victorian style 1:12 bathroom has a simple elegance that brings the ‘boardroom’ to life. The dollhouse toilet, dollhouse mirror, dollhouse tub, dollhouse sink, and dollhouse toilet brush are all exquisitely designed, and extremely detailed.

The tub and sink include movable parts, which allows for action scenarios in your dollhouse.


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