Red Vintage Jewel Hummingbird Feeder 20oz

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Red Jewel Hummingbird Feeder, Glass Bottle, 5 Feeding Ports and 20-Ounce Nectar Capacity Backyard Decor Retro Vintage Style designed to attract hummingbirds.


  • NECTAR CAPACITY: Holds 20 fluid ounces of hummingbird nectar
  • FEEDING PORTS: Features five flower shaped feeding ports to accommodate multiple hummingbirds
  • ATTRACTS MORE HUMMINGBIRDS: Red glass and red metal flower feeding ports designed to attract hummingbirds.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN: Polished copper accents next to the red glass bottle add a splash of bygone beauty
  • EASY CLEANING: We recommend washing your hummingbird feeder by hand with warm soapy water. Please refrain from putting your feeder in the dishwasher


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More Birds Red Jewel Hummingbird Feeder

Five Feeding Stations and 20-Ounce Nectar Capacity

Attract more hummingbirds with the elegant More Birds Jewel Hummingbird Feeder. Feeder features polished copper accents, wrap-around perching space, and a durable metal basin cap with 5 flower feeding ports. Add this 8-sided glass bottle to your backyard or garden to add a vintage look. The wide opening and detachable flat base make filling and cleaning easy, and the 20-ounce capacity provides plenty of nectar to keep hummingbirds happy and coming back for more.

Color: Red

Details: Hummingbirds are nature’s gems, so attract more hummers to dazzle your backyard with the Red Jewel Hummingbird Feeder! This stunningly elegant, vintage style eight-sided red glass bottle design features hummingbird motifs that add a splash of bygone beauty to your backyard. With polished copper accents and wrap-around perching space, the Red Jewel is built with a durable metal basin cap that includes five metal flower feeding ports in polished red. With a 20 ounce nectar capacity, the Red Jewel hummingbird feeder provides plenty of nectar to keep hummingbirds happy and coming back for more! Its wide bottleneck opening and detachable flat base make filling easy and cleaning a breeze. When cleaning your hummingbird feeder, do not put your feeder in the dishwasher, as the high temperatures can permanently damage the feeder parts. Most expert sources discourage dishwashing because it may not fully disinfect any avian diseases. Additionally, dishwashers could strip the paint off painted glass components or ruin the finish on metal components and it voids the warranty.



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